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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Jessie Ware at Berns

 Since the first time I saw her at Boiler Room #44 Young Turks Valentines Day takeover, I am in love with Jessie Ware. On Monday, I had the chance to meet her again. Bliss.

 First she started off by thanking Stockholm and its -15degrees, also the reason why she could wear her rings that are usually too small (picture by Mattias Pettersson)

The incredible Berns, which looks like an opera theatre:

Röda rummet:

Candles and everything, bloody perfect:

Truly amazing voice and I knew all the songs by heart (there's not a lot of them though):

She said it was her second time in Stockholm after taping a music-video for "Valentine":

Also, she does not know what to do, when the song ends. 
"Should I look at the distance like a popstar?":

"My tummy is showing, my hair is a mess. My mother would not approve":

"As you know I do not have a lot of songs, therefore I cannot come back if you ask for it. Please understand it, in Poland I got in a big trouble for this":

The famous poster that I stole, hanging in my room. Me and Jessie look to the distance:

Word cannot describe the orgasm I had.

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