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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We look dangerous

Good old annual Jesus birthday, which means dressing up and eating until you explode. This year we stayed in Sweden and had a little holiday with just us two. Our families sent us goods from Estonia and we enjoyed them fully. 
We are probably alone in this house, because normal people flew home for Christmas.

The bitch is always better looking with a new dress on:

Our primitive Christmas tree, but the size does not matter.
Also we decorated it as true Swedes with stuff from IKEA:

We took a little walk around Lidingö, as my Mister really missed forest (UK problems). I was not that impressed as my toes were falling off:

Smells like home now:

Wine and shot glasses for enjoying alcohol. Loads of tea to calm me down, to warm me up and to clean my body temple. Massive cup for the drinking game Kings. Floral flask for sneaking in alcohol to parties.
My precious: 

The posh neighbourhood, where two families own the house seen in this picture. One has three floors and the other one has only two, I feel bad for the latter:

Maybe it's hard to get your hands on alcohol here in Sweden, but when you do, it's marvellous:

We took off our pyjamas and changed for something lovely just for Christmas:

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