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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lucy Rose at Debaser Slussen

Well, Lucy Rose concert was truly heartwarming. That was the second time for me to see her. This time was even better, because the lyrics have had time to sync in and hello, loud sing-along. One nice surprise was the warm-up band called Peter and Kerry, probably my most googled term this week.
Since I did not have a lot of cash on me, I approached Lucy just to buy her poster. I also told her that the concert was great and I really enjoyed her at Positivus Festival. Next I showed her the handband, that I am, yes, still wearing and she was so excited to see and hear about it. She added that it's one of her favourite places and who can blame her, it really is a nice festival. Also I tried to be a proper fan, thus we made a picture together. We look like sisters:

The light was really off to make good pictures there, so I will give you some memories from the past

Peter and Kerry (I added loads of videos in the end of the post):

"Hej, it is not that cold outside. Look at me with my lace dress"
Actually I froze my balls off:

My birthday is coming up in May, on my list there is also Lucy Rose vinyl:

The little small girl, who was more than surprised that so many people came to see her. "We were really scared to come so far from home. We thought that nobody will show up". Swedes do not like to push facebook attend, hence only 25 people were "officially" attending:

Nordic style - stay classy and stay warm:

Ott was beyond nice to buy this tea for me. It makes my heart warm and cheerful:

I went little crazy with links. Right now I have my sweet music period, soon I will return to Blawan and other nasty men and women:

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