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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Moon brings out the best of us. (Rolling in the snow after sauna)

On Wednesday the moon was almost like this and radiated some weird yet amusing energy. Ott came by, as well as some other friends. I warmed up the sauna, which heated us so properly, that we were rolling in the snow (I am writing this with Adele's voice in my head). True spa treatment, but we did not want to be too healthy. Of course not. As a result we opened Estonian vodka, the ultimate amusement of life. 1 litre + moon + friends = johhaidii!

The view from the sixth floor, where I live:

First we drank quality tea and discussed the matters of life:

And then...
"Look, mother, I am in Sweden and I love it": 

As we managed to persuade Doug to sleep over at Lidingö, my inner Eastern-European ordered me to open the L.V. bottle, which my dear Ian sent me (Thank you, Tallinn).
The last sip:

The moment when you have your vodka spectacles on - the dress becomes see-through:

Integrating with the Finnish. Who said we do not get along? Gives us little gherkin and maybe you get a little smirk out of us. (but still, why Finnish police fuck Estonians?):

We managed to get a coat (puhvaika, yes) for the smokers that everyone may use.
Juho enjoys the 6th floor glamour.:

I will skip all the stupidity in between. You will just get that morning after photo:

Pleasant emotions need good music: 

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