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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I won concert tickets, but hurt my leg. Cannot be lucky all the time.

Here comes a little recap from my last days in Sweden, before I left to Estonia (it is really nice to be here after 8 months of absence, but I will come back to that later). On Friday I managed to win two concert tickets at Berns. I was beyond happy, because never have I won anything and to get in to Berns is truly expensive. Never mind that the concert turned up to be a bit of a disappointment (being polite here).

Berns never fails to impress me:

Me and Ott, we were brave, who went to the outdoor terrance. 
It was like -6 outside, almost spring weather:

Not being overly egoistic here, but it was really funny how many unattractive people there were:

Berns seen through the eyes of a LSD lover:

Walking home with full moon. 
The likely threat of werewolves:

On Saturday we had a plan to go dancing at Marie Laveau, which was first time after January for me.
Before we warmed up at Lappis of course. 
This is us taking ominous shots of tequila:

X marks the spot, they say, where treasure lies,
But it marks not these spots here in front of my eyes:

J is for just when I'm on my way out,
A friend with a credit card yells "It's my shout!":

F is for finding myself tucked in bed,
With "the falling from stairs", a memory gone from my head.
(On Sunday I spent my time at the hospital, because I had a battle with gravity and it won)

After that I just stayed in bed, since it hurt a lot and I had to use crutches to move.
Still I managed to go to work on Tuesday. Here is my cutest child wearing my wellies:
Now I am at home. Happy, waiting my Mister to arrive. 

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