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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Friday - the so called boat party

I spent my Friday rather haphazardly. Since I did not have any money, then £25 Boddika ticket at Berns was unreachable. This did not stop me taking the elevator (why walk?) three floors down. Neighbours. Drinks. Music. Usual.
Then we had a plan to go out to a boat party. Well, that did not work out, nevertheless I had a enjoyable night.

You know, that it has been a good night, when you wake up the next day and this greets you on FB:

Now back to the night before, the famous drink that I made for Charlie. Little gin, little wine, little whiskey, little coke - I called it "I'll-make-this-but-you-shouldn't-drink it"cocktail:

In this male dominant world, it is difficult for a girl to be noticed:

 Hmm, something suspicious is going on here:

Drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney.
The last minutes before the bus, you try to fill your lungs and stomach with intoxicating things:

How a Frenchman is trying to teach Estonian language to a Scot.
"Mu tussu ei ole su tussu":

Even though the kitchen is 1m x 1m, there party is still always there:

Lean mean commuter (also some asses are checked out here):

Standing on next day newspapers:

Even though she had some dark moments before getting on the nightbus, she manage to regain her power.
This pedo guy was trying to come home with us, but we were like NO! NO! NO!:

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