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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wilma and Charlie's birthday party / Eddie and Patsy invited some friends over.

After I had uploaded 65 pictures, I was pretty sure that this is the longest post I have ever made. After Charlie and I had a joint birthday party together, what else would you expect. The whole night was just p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s, full of food, drinks and drama. You name it, we had it.
Basically I should say no more, the story must be told together with pictures.

The awkward moment, when even your necklace looks like buntings. 
Subconscious preparation for a party:

Since I had moved out from Lidingö and Charlie was the only one living there, the party was held at Lappis (a massive student housing block). Megan and Heidi were kind enough to offer us their common kitchen, also they prepared an epic mealtime for us.
Megan - "Lasagne was what my mother ever taught me to make" :

It was really nice to eat, since all my birthday parties since the age of 13 have had liquid dinners.
Now I can strike out one thing on my "Before I die" list, because i ate haggis that day! Sheep in a sheep in a sheep in a sheep, and it was not bad actually:

Separately we are Kristel and Charlie.
Together we are Eddie and Patsy:

Fucking hell, we got gifts and everything. I even practiced my "Well, this is nice" face before, in case if I receive yet another pair of socks for men or a swimming outfit. Luckily I did not need to use that face! Oh, the joy:

Notice the difference between Italians and other European nations.

Her girlfriend knows how to speak sweet words.
"You're not a stupid whore, but I do hope you die eventually."

"What is it, that makes you so damn giggly?"

A small umbrella changes every day into a holiday:

Veinisõpradele: ega see, kes joob üksi ära pudeli veini, pole veel veinisõbervaid joodik.
"I'll just drink one glass of wine before I come home, honey":

When Eastern Europeans give each other that look, it means the game is on!

Ott is scared, because all creepy vaginas want to eat him alive:

Meg is the Queen Bee at the dance-floor:

A hairy midget was taking pictures:

He imagined that he is on a beach. Chill as you can!:

From Serbia with love.
I sang this together with him that night.
 Eto bõl otsen harasho!:

Finnish person smiling = he is drunk:


Having more fun than should be allowed:

This happens when socially awkward penguins are having a birthday party:

This is our friend Martin.
On the next picture he will tell himself how he enjoyed that night:

I am such a midget compared to Calum. 
Proska for that:

Let's speak in tongue "lurp-lurp-lurp":

"We got 99 problems, but a vodka ain't one":

"Never put down your glass and never spill alcohol" - Quote from Estonian constitution:

The feeling, when your name is Juho and everybody pronounces it as JuuuuHuuuu:

Can not even walk, but can hold two cups in one hand.
Drink level - Yoda:

The children of destiny are screaming "SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME":

That last cocaine stripe was maybe too much?:

Monkeys escaped from the zoo that night:

I really should stop wearing such recognisable items around my wrist, cannot deny now that it was me: 

Never have I ever sung "Euphooooooria" so loud and without embarrassment:

"All the honeys, making money -
throw you hands up at me!"

I äm sö drünkölainen. - Speaking Finnish is easy:

Free hugs:

The midget got its moment to shine:

Eero found a Swedish girl to talk Swedish with.


Hurray for never-ending booze supply :

I should now clarify the "That escalated quickly" drama that was going on. A strange group of people turned from white people to "Yo mama is so..."-niggas with 10 seconds. Luckily our hero Ott confronted them and basically just kicked them out, but before that one Mademoiselle went so aggressive and psycho. I was so stunned by that, so I did not hit the record button, damn! It was like AMTM mixed with Jersey Shore and Toddlers & Tiaras. 

The picture is made a second after we got rid of the skanks. Pure joy and relief:

If things get emotional, a friend in need is friend indeed:

Fortunately now we don't have to lift each other up as many times as old we are:

My shampoo is awesome:

Ott is like "Help me!"

The most positive guy on this planet, end of story:

Then some people left and others started kissing, so the "Forever alone" crew (Ott, Juho, Eero and I) decided to go at Ott's place.
We had a good laugh, because this happened:

 A lot of stupid decisions were made that night. We learned that when you walk badly, then there's a high probability that you skate badly too.
(Extreme sport means that there has to be a dead body on background):

Finnish people are quiet and without emotions, but as party evolves they become JOHAIDII!
Broken pants and no pulse in the end:

Kristel, not putting drinks down since 1991:

Wow, that night gravity was not such a heartless bitch than usually:

 "Hello, Ott's neighbour. Are you lonely? Do you want to chaperone four drunks? Let's go to the beach to see the sunrise and, please, do watch that we would not die on the way." 

Last men standing. 
Auuuu-auuu. Päev on uus.

My face, when I saw a picture of a woman giving birth:

I can only see cute little Juho:

"Üks Muumi maja, mis lukku ei panda. Hei, MUUUUMID!"

In those moments you feel that your life is utter bliss:

Just kicked Juho in the face. Love you still!:

"Let's go drunk guys, we are home":

When Juho and Eero left, I supposedly told them that they have to stick together at all times, since "Together you are Einstein, but alone you are Snooki"

The sad puppy the day after:

Again nobody wanted to sit near me on the bus, but I got my little hangover ass to Nacka, where Vilja was waiting with food and Trocadero:

Kalle and Vilja are googling to find out if unicorn is really the national animal of Scotland: 

Examining my bag, if I had lost something the night before.
Found my birthday gifts instead (pictures stolen from Vilja's blog):

A lovely birthday I had!

Thank you, all! 
Megan and Heidi are superheros.
Luckily this did not happen:

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