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Monday, August 12, 2013

Laumets 23

31th of July is marked red in my calendar and has a thick line around it. Yes, such a special day. Beyond special actually, because it's Karl's birthday. He is a piece of gold of the bottom of the blue - hard to find, but when you do you'll never let go. Therefore his birthday is ker. nah. mul. poh. ma. surnd.!
There's not enough word's to describe him. Year 2011 I wrote this post about him: 
  "Laumets" (click)

Stay cute, Wish big.
Never let anyone count your candles:

The photographer tricked us and we forget to make our usual "picture faces".
Instead laugh is our present:

Those new smartphones are getting ridiculous:

He dreaming about his 80th birthday. 
I guess nothing has changed, we are all there and so are our rheumatisms:

He never invites friends over, but they still come.
Every year he tell us not to bring any presents, we always do.
Basically we ignore everything he says:

I made this cake for him, which was a failure and screamed "29!"
My hands are shaking after years of heavy drinking, pardon:

Group photo together with Karl's family.

After the group picture was done, surprise guest were jumping out from every corner, 
like mushrooms after heavy rain (koorekiht on koorekiht):

I have to pee, Kaur is the only sober one and Kersten really is harassed by the flash:

 Long live Karlovitš!

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