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Thursday, August 01, 2013

FANtastic party at home.

We invited some people over to celebrate Kaur's graduation. 
Every time when I find myself making potato salad in the kitchen, I know it is going to be a good party. 

The beginning of the film was exposed.
NB! The bottles have illustrative purpose only:

Harri is really into Tallink boats:

Kuldvillak sitahäda 500:

Göööööörlfriends being united again:

Some friends of ours like to remain mysterious:

Then a lot of them went away like 1 AM, but no worries the Bomb Squad remained put:

Once a long time ago our neighbour got really angry over the noise level we were making and promised to call us the police if the "Õnts, õtns does not stop". Therefore that day when intoxication levels rose together with youtube volume button, we decided to go to our bedroom to test our new speakers with Spice Girls and you know the ordinary stuff. No police, just fun.

The sweaty drunk people have this strong lavender smell and also we were running out of oxygen. Then we got this fan that was just 'gone with the wind fabulous':
The party ended the next day 3PM with pancakes and freshly made jam.

We have awesome friends and some of them were greatly missed, especially who love my potato salad.  Thank you for coming!

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