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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Positivus 2013

It was like so last month, but still it's worth mentioning - the festival Positivus 2013. Last year was so much fun (click to see for yourselves) that we had to repeat it this year. Not a big fan of the XX anymore, but still I guess you have to see them before you die, also I really enjoy overheated tents and porto potties. Favourite! Of course the best comeback goes to Turk-kebab that last year gave food poisoning to some people, but was back stronger than ever.
Summer is bloody bliss!

Melissa's parents took this cheerful picture before we were heading to Latvia.
Our  journey began there:

How absurd and silly to carry this with me the whole year round:

It seems that we have arrived quite blithely to Latvia, but hell no! The wind was so strong that we had big problems erecting our tents, madness.
But when life gives you lemons, make a longdrink:

The festival is really lovely. 
First of all, it feels like you haven't crossed Estonian border, especially next year when Latvia also will have Euro. Secondly it is the paradise of hammocks:

As you see I was wearing my winter clothes, but feelings were still high:

 Complimentary sound to last picture:

Twenty One Pilots music was shit, but the guy managed to heat up the crowd better than Karl Laumets could (weirrdd):

 Complimentary sound to last picture:

RBMA stage was on the beach and the wind was blowing so strongly that the massive incomings were all lost:

Cool guy with his friends:

The Crystal Castles singer was tripping balls and drinking Jack Daniels on stage and smoking more frequently than singing

When this is not Positivus then I do not know what is:

 Complimentary sound to last picture (the 17 year old me loved this song) 

Liquid dinner:

My house is bigger than my neighbour's:

I do not drink coffee. I do not drink Coca-Cola, but this is just way too cool:

I Wear* Experiment. 
On Saturday the Palladium stage was dedicated to Estonian music only:

I do not have a picture from Odd Hugo, but it was a really nice find among it all

By the end of day two, we felt like this:

It is really silly to be alone:

Kurak. Another great find

The best camel-toe goes to this photographer:

Sigur Ros. 
I literally do not have any words, it was a surreal experience. People, me amongst them, got so carried away by the music, so there wasn't any dialog between the artist and the crowd, it all got very mixed and borders were lost. Do I make any sense?  I guess it was like a beautiful acid trip, where you saw colours and remembered your first kiss. 

 Complimentary sound to last picture.

And then it came, in the end of the last day. I was tired. I was cold. I wanted to take a shower, but I just had to see them.
The XX:

Jamie XX could be my long lost brother. The singers could just be the cutest best friends and the lightshow was just mindblowing. Never mind the songs playing from the speakers before they came on the stage, it was better than anything else:

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