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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 from January to June.

This is for 50 year old me to remember the year 2013.
bang-bang boogie

The year started in Stockholm, luckily Kaur was visiting me the whole month.
Sadly I looked like a ten year old. Jailbait all the way

On New Year's Eve we had a fancy dinner together with my Lidingö people.
A truly lovely year/chapter in my life.

Slussen has become a traditional place for me to celebrate New Year's Eve. 

It was an interesting evening with fancy dress-up party 
and the year started with a massive drama my neighbour made. 
She claimed I get too much attention and everybody loves me and hated her (?? problems much). 
Mean girls all the way. Not a single fuck was given from me tho. 
Happy new year!

Few week later in the beginning of January. Triin came to visit me (and brought cheap Homeland vodka)

Then it was time for half of the Lidingö people to go home, because Erasmus time was over.
And I quote myself from back then- 
"Well, well, well - I am not sure how to end this long and insufferable silence. My mood has been on a roller-coaster ride and here comes the reason why. Firstly my Significant Other left the Scandinavian grounds last week. We are used to not being in the same country, but at least one thing to appreciate now is that we are situated in the same continent. Still feeling sad that he is not present.
The miserable let's-wave-goodbye-and-wipe-our-tears-so-nobody-will-notice (and for your information everybody always notes your bloody red eyes). This madness continued all last week and keeps on doing so, because my sweet neighbours and lovely people around me are now scattered around Europe, since their time here was over. 
Before they went, we had three days long blurry madness, because "Why not, let's get crazy", but "Wake me up before you go-go"

Polish Monika and Icelandic Anna:

And I licked Georg's face like there's no tomorrow:

Then we waved goodbye our fellow mates, yet four girls stayed. 
Girls went wild as you see:

A lot of partying was done that year. 
I started meeting new people and soon found new fellow mates:

New people arrived to Lidingö in the end of January, also old ones visited.
Thus we celebrated Nauru's independence day and Luciano's birthday:

Living in Stockholm = I was the most broke I have ever been in my life.
No money, just love:

Ott was also living in Stockholm that year. And we were very close.
Luckily he had very handsome friends:

In February I took a little brake from Stockhome and flew to Liverpool.
Little did I know - we were invited, because Erik and Laura wanted to tell us that they were having a baby (!!! definitely qualifies as the biggest news of 2013) 

Also we went to see the Delphic at Liverpool O2.

Also Erik was ready to be a mother:

A little London before I went back to Sweden.
Long night chats with Miss Hagi.
Hugs, drugs and pugs.

Back to snow, back in March.
The year 2013 was a massive sauna rally:

The year 2013 we had the biggest hangovers

I met my sister from another Mister. Lucy Rose.

I got really close with Charlie (no unicorn jokes). He was my centre if I spun away.
Also I did some serious Estonian culture spreading.

Lidingö was like Discovery Channel.

In March I lost my Saint Patrick's day virginity:

  "Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that.
Charlie, how your Angels get down like that?
Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that.
Charlie, how you Angels get down like that."

The "Had never happened before event" of 2013.
The partying Karma bit me in the ass and I fell down from Marie Laveau stairs.
The morning after I woke up with massive pain and my then boss took me to the hospital.
I was crippled for two week, but hey, I got to test the Swedish healthcare (which is brilliant btw):

After being away 8 months, I flew back to Estonia in april. 
Good food, friend and family.
Koorekiht, the crutch and I:

Then Kaur came to Estonia and I made my first steps without crutches.
The miracle of 2013:

Kaur had to play Espirit again. Trammi and Hennu came to support

Tallinn Music week and he preforming.
("North Korea atom-bomb launch"):

Argo Vals - the sound of 2013:

I returned to Sweden and Sven came to visit:

My first Finnish friend, whose name nobody could pronounce, except I.
Juhhuuuu? Joohhhooo? (at Daughter concert)

Ott and I showed Juho how Vodka is drunk in traditional Estonian way.
Use stool as a shot glass and put coriander in it (???)

Music-wise it was a thrilling year. Stockholm has such a good night life.

In April it was reunion time!
Fuck Lappis party:

Meet Sean, the best neighbour of 2013.
Every time I knocked on his door, the tea kettle was on, food was ready and porn was HD:

You can take Kristel out of Stockholm, but you will never take Stockholm out of Kristel:

Since December 2012 I worked as nanny for two awesome families.
My Swedish got a lot better and I found out that kids love me. WIN WIN!

In May it was again time to visit Estonia. This time with a plan to move back my stuff. 
Since I got free boat tickets, I was ought to face my biggest fear - boats and water!
Luckily Charlie came to support me:

We celebrated Valborg Estonian way

Also Charlie and I were really drunk on my kitchen floor:

The event of 2013 - Tour d'ÖÖ.
Thousand of Estonians just cycling together.
Amazing feeling:

The mystery of 2013.
Triin and I had a really questionable party one night.
 We cannot recon a thing, at least we have these pictures:

Again I returned to Stockholm, to have an awesome Gröna Lund time on 22th of May, my birthday.

The funniest picture of 2013

Although I moved away from Lidingö and started living at my grandfather's place in Djurö, we stayed closed with people who stayed behind.
Charlie and I had a joint birthday party.

It was one of the greatest parties of 2013:

2013 took me to new heights:

To enjoy sunrise completely drunk at 5 AM - BLISS!

Then came June. Everything was new in June. I moved back in Estonia, so did Kaur
Our two years of long distance relationship was over = the relief of 2013
+ I got a new camera. Pictures are getting so much better now on

to be continued...

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