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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Epp's birthday at good old Vene.

Juss and Epp have birthdays real close together, thus visiting Vene street is a must
Our little Epp is not that little anymore, the wisdom level in her eyes is growing and growing. 
I found a blog post "Sense it makes none" from year 2009 about Epp
Oh, the times behind and times ahead.

(Also I'm super happy that friends from abroad are returning home for Christmas. 
Airport is my favourite place. BRING BACK ALL THE SWEETIES!)

Now back to Epp's birthday
Luckily I had like six days off from work, a true festive time.
 Kaur ran home after work and dressed up accordingly. He took flowers and off we went:

"Forehead detectives" was the game of the evening. 
Mildly interesting fact - Virgo came a bit later and Harri wrote "Ken" on his forehead, Virgo without knowing this, wrote the same name in return to Harri's. 
Great minds think alike

She was the star of the evening 
(also she was Eminem, can't you see the resemblance):

Vegetarian food all the way.
After the party, we made tonnes of pomegranate salad at home:

"Cool story, bro" faces:

Casually leaning on a chair and looking scared - usual.

"Mixed emotions":

Harri has truly sensible eyes, therefore I have like two picture where he has eyes open:

The story how Dumbo didn't know who Dumbo was:

Barbie and Epp's dog:

Martin Müürsepp does not approve:

Alles gut!:

When Harri takes a picture, he catches you by surprise:

Kisses and hugs to Epp. 
Nice evening, good food and tonnes of fun.

And let's got to her Yoga lessons!

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