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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ella Hagi visiting Homeland

On last Wednesday I ended work with a real hurry and ran out to pick up Trammi and Hennu (nicknames for the win). A Zavetskoje and dianthus in my hand we waited Ella at the airport. 
She and I haven't been in Estonia together in the same time since 2010 (!). Most important of it all - she is such a sweet person for me and she should be close at all times. 

I had Zavetskoje Zalatoje and she had cabbage with Estonian flag 
- we just know what our alcohol loving vegetarian friend loves.

Besides that Ella got a surprise, so did we, because Miss Piret was on the same flight.
If I only would have known, an extra bottle would have been appropriate:

Hugs, drugs and pugs:

The emotions were as high as in the last episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful":

Of course the first stop was Statoil. 
Hagi needed Karums and others needed Kabanoss. Basics, really.
Such a great friends photo:

You're not in Estonia, when you haven't taken a vodka shot (cup or whatevs).
So we did:

yet so original!

Hurray, for that lovely lady!
Tomorrow we will be having her birthday party at our place.
Be very very afraid.

Vag power!

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