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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Enesetapja NO57 + Panso preemia

(Some words are lost in translation, therefore the headline stays in Estonian.
 Cultural background is a bitch.)

Whatever I do in life, theatre stays close to my heart. Four years ago I tried to get into Lavakas - you know how that worked out (I had one job...). Ironically I went to see a play of the graduating course, the one I wanted to be a part of. Now I gladly sit in the audience not on the stage, like really, truly, sincerely.
The play was funny and catching. Also the Panso award was given out, absolutely to the right person. Jörgen Liik was wow-wow-wii-wow.
I cannot wait until next year, when Karl's course will be in the starlight. That means I will be there every time, in the first row. A lot of money will be invested on tickets, flowers and tissues (I will cry like a woman, when next Panso awards are given).
Karl, sa vana parm! - wish to see him more often.

The evening started with a cliché dinner with a boy: 

Again some phone pictures swooped in.
That lady behind me is sooooo fast:

Estonia's Russian theatre is a marble of art.
I'm also pretty:

I have a things for ceilings. 
High! High! High:

We took these two pictures in the same time. 
One with a camera, another one with a phone:

Emme-issi lumehelbeke:

 I was snowing the first day this winter. BELIEVE ME! 
The blackness around me is actually fluffy and nice (the everyday illusion)

Last days of PÖFF (wow culture to the max) 
and there was a cartoon screening:

worthy of caps lock.

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