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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Party like it's 1920

Few weeks ago my colleagues and I had finally time to sit down for a Christmas party, 
never-mind the fact that it was already January. 
Although it felt more like Christmas than +5 and drizzle December ever did.

Since we like to put boredom on a shelf, 
we dressed up like it was 1920:

When we walked towards Chocolaterie, flurry of snow covered everything
which made my cold heart to melt.
After it got even worse, since the lovely scenery welcomed us:

When others fail to serve,
 then visual merchandisers work like the rent is due tomorrow:

This is the way you should wear H&M Paris collection:

My life is entwined with classy and trashy
 (referenced to my blogpost):

Cute as a button:

All girls with flapper dresses, unite!:

väga lamp pilt

On previous day Ester cut my hair back to short as it should be.
Saving money on shampoos. Happy dance!:

Gertrud's boyfriend didn't let her out into the freezing cold
without any warm underwear (sharing is caring):

We ate. We chatted. We drank.
We exchanged gifts, wished merry christmas to each other and gave out free hugs:

Let's see what we got as a gift...

"Hold your horses, Mister!":

"Who wants to be a millionaire?":

I had one job and I failed!
That is to say Dagmar gave a speech, which was truly lovely and heart-warming, 
but I managed to capture it like she was intoxicated and needed a taxi ride home
Long story short "We have great colleagues!":

Liisa does not serve minors:

Mademoiselles were little flirty:

Try to remain serious with these guys:

The skin colour of Gertrud is called "Chocolaterie":

"Don't hate me,
because you aint me":

Au revoir! 

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