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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family's Christmas.

Better late, than arrive ugly. Better late, than never.
 Better with friends, than alone. 
The most idyllic evening waited its time on a film roll. 
Now it's out and ready to induce nostalgic feelings. 

Merry Christmas...

Sisters from another Misters,
and brothers from another mothers:

 Idyllic (adjective) - extremely pleasantbeautiful and peaceful.
Look it up!:

A lot of catching up to do.
A lot of news heard.
A lot of googling after.
A lot of muscle pain from laughing:

Bravo to the chefs!
We have come a long way from fast noodles and LV, now it's salmon and fancy cocktails.
Growing up is so awesome.:

The "let's make silly faces" picture,
our theatratical skills are overrunning the place.
What emotions! Amazing silliness!:

Our brother Carlovich was greatly missed, 
at that very moment he was in Kuressaare and doing crossword puzzles with his girlfriend.
But we had a drink for his sake:

The older you get, the more helpful are the youtube videos 
that remind you what you did last summer:

To joy of understanding that life is rather good:

"School is a bitch" he said:

Three girls, four cups:

Until we meet again!

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