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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Wilma's 2014 from July to December

2014 continues to flash in front of my eyes.
Here is part II (July - December).

 1. In July we went to Hiiumaa and conquered the toughest vehicles:

Probably most of you will close the page after this picture.
V's grandfather had the raddest pets:

Mostly it was a work camp to release all the city anger:

The fact that these people fitted into one car was the trip's success story:

The most beautiful squat picture in 2014:

2. A week later my summer holiday started and we decided with Fred not to go abroad, 

but to drive around in Estonia.
It was a wonderland to wake up next to Võrtsjärv and take an early morning dip:

My dad has his own ways to test my boyfriends:

The wind from lake Peipus was no joke:

The Russian villages near Peipus have their own "Pimp my ride" show:

After Fred took me to an adventure park on my birthday, it has become our favourite hobby.

Therefore it was more than clear that passing Otepää without climbing trees would not be possible:

300m long feeling that you are Tarzan:


Bliss (noun) - perfect happiness:

For few weeks we got to babysit my childhood dog Tibi.

She is the smartest and sweetest dawg alive.

Summer would be a waste without any field pictures:

3. I was ought to shower and come back to the town,
since I didn't want to miss my coworkers having a summer party:

Hands up and show how many drinks have you had:

The night turned out to be legendary, it shares The Greatest Party of 2014 award.


What happened that night? 

I became a translator between my coworker and random British blokes. My colleagues left café Puudel however I stayed with *insert random names here*. Some free drinks later we ended up at Hollywood Linkin Park night. Never have I ever screamed "IN THE EEEEND...!" louder than that evening. The mood was high and one moment I secretly left, met up with Fred and O and accidentally ran into Reggie on the way. LUCKY!:

Amnesia, because, with regret,
I forgot what I drank when I drank to forget.
Finding myself tucked in bed,
With the cab ride a memory gone from my head.
 Headache, and how did I get
A tattoo on my arse and a sheep for a pet?:
(7AM I arrived at home):

4. In August G from Austria came for a visit. Erasmus love never ends:

The obligatory tourist sight seeing in Tallinn:

Kät and Reggie were in town for the summer.

Rimi before 10PM is our favourite place:

We ended up at Noblessner there vodka was served in a shot glass made of ice.
It was very innovative to be able to throw your glass into the sea:

Girls were hot and shot glasses melted:

The morning after we went high above the ground to the TV tower:

Summer = sauna, volleyball and long nights:

Dat pickle!:

The last day G was here, we dressed up and went to NOP:

Next moment I fell into the fountain:

In 2015 we meet in Vienna, new year's promise, okou:

The Japanese tourists:

5. Then I went back to work, although fun didn't end there.

Carlovich was working at Lottemaa and we couldn't celebrate his birthday properly.
So we had to have "better late than never" picnic:

Such. Much. Love.


This was our present to Carlovich:

A day later it was time for Carlovich's official birthday party.
In such manner the week was full of celebrations:

6. Most of my dear friends are born in July or August, I'm almost starting to believe that horoscope crap...well, actually I just believe that Christmas is perfect time to make babies.

In August at O's birthday party I gave these two the award for winning the quiz "How well do you know Wilma" at my birthday party. They answered that my DJ name should be Chrystal Cunt.


Friendship at my birthday 2013:

7.Then came autumn and A had a moving in party:

We enjoyed her balcony a lot and you just have to believe us

 that there was a stunning background at this picture:

Emme-issi lumehelbeke:

8.  In September I looked more suave than ever.
Lowi Vi pimped me up for fiishon pictures:

Easy, breezy although actually it was so so so cold!:

9.Autumn came and didn't want to go away anymore:

10. In September I raised my workload and things got hectic,
therefore it was nice to invite colleagues over to do some heavy thinking together.
So many good ideas, that my head hurt:

11. Tallinn Fashion Week with all its glory:

Longing for sleep - Marit Ilison.

And, oh, how I was longing for sleep during the grey autumn:

12. October in work-wise was extremely hectic,

since Wang came to visit:

Alexander's ladies:

13. On Halloween I was a bear craving for honey:

14. In November I got to experience The Greatest Party of 2014 II:

Evening starter with Golden Girls and us looking at his "Coming out" play:

Black and White Dog - remember the cartoon?

Happiness lifted us from the ground:

The longest and classiest party table in 2014:

To dance, to laugh, to enjoy life, to go home 6AM - more fun than should be allowed:

15. The second half of 2014 I had lack of traveling and thereof my heart 

was desperately craving for it. In the end of November I finally had the opportunity
to see my weird and loveable friends in Liverpool and London:

In Liverpool he was all grown up yet still living with parents:

Our friendship is beyond a greater bargain than Tesco value has to offer:

Football and TV show Charmed marahton was the best way to spend my days off from work:

Last selfie before I headed back to London:

In London we headed to a Hipster Magazine launch party. 
Free food and booze. We happy:

Ella works for Miista now,
which is a girl's paradise and I took one pair of heaven home with me:

&Other Stories = 3

&Other Stories = 4 
(Also Santa brought me bag of &OS goods, somebody got the hint. thank you!)

Walking around in London feels so homey for me:

Meanwhile in Estonia it snowed and they had -17C degrees:

The perks of travelling alone - blurry selfies:

(now comes never before seen footages)
One evening this Little Monster took me to restaurant Dishoom:

They said I looked more mature than ever before.
I tried to play the role accordingly:

The tummy was full of jummy...:

...and colourful rainbow drinks:

Such a brick:

No peace sign, no picture:

Testing the Little Moster's bed out:

Watering plants is all we ever do on Friday nights in Dalston:

The family picture from 2014:

A surprise slap coming up:

More issues than Vogue:


It started to feel like Christmas:

Bye, bye London:

16. In December the Christmas was on. 
Great find at Farmer's market:

17. My classmates and I visited our school to celebrate Luciadagen and eat free food:

18. Douglas Dare - the most amazing concert of 2014: 

Quick questions and answers to sum up 2014 before I go-go.
1.Something that you hadn't done before? I'm able to drive a car now. Grown-up points earned!
2.Which countries did you visit? Sweden, France, Norway, Scotland, Hungary, Finland, England.
3.Greatest achievement of 2014? Mastering the Unagi, which made me calmer and less vulnerable to panic attacks. I hope my mind is getting more and more healthy.
4.Best purchase? Tickets to above mentioned countries.
5.Something that made you really happy? Moving to another room and establishing a great home to come to.
6.Saddest moment? Luckily 2014 had little sadness, yet when our family dog and cat died the waterworks did not end.
7.What song reminds you of 2014? (I bought his vinyl to Fred for Christmas)
8.Did you fell in love? Few years now I have this covered.
9.Favourite TV show of 2014? Õnne13, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Friends (copy paste from last years post) + wait for it...I started to watch Orange Is the New Black and cannot wait until new series 2015 June.
10. Favourite book of 2014? A bit weird, but I finally read Great Catsby. The use of language there, no wonder it's a classic.
11.Best record 2014? DVPH Natuke Veel

Happy new year!
I take a bow.

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