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Monday, January 05, 2015

The New Year's Eve

Is this another recap blog post? Why are there so many pictures? 
Well, Santa brought me a digital camera and after a long resistance, I promised to give it a try. 
This doesn't not mean I'm going to throw my analog "more quality than quantity" camera away. Although for me, who has some serious difficulties to pick up new things, this is so WILD!
All my favourite things are old vintage(mainly TV shows and friends).
Anyway, here is my absolutely fabulous New Year's Eve 

I'm more pretty, when my head is against the wall:

New Year's Eve means you can wear that one dress that rest of the year sits in the closet.
Even the Champagne bottle got a dandy suit:

Little piece of Sweden is always with me.
Blossa 2014 mulled wined was in that moment hours away of becoming 'so last year':

Last New Year's Eve we made our most liked FB picture,
this year the table and what's on it outshines everything:

Sometimes I get hypnotised by my breasts:

Miniature trout in garlic sauce. 
If this is not the correct level of fancy needed on a NYE, than I don't know what is:

Lady Rose always is in the centre of attention:

The host is pleased:

The greatest pose of the evening goes to a cat (not jelly at all):

Pussy problems that boys just don't get:

My intellectual level is not high enough to write "2015" with sparkles,
so here is a heart as usual:

There's a cat, there's a peace sign, there's a double chin - perfect selfie to end the year with:

No Tears Eve,
simply joyful:

Atheist country blows up churches:

Free hugs:

The 'dinner with four' expanded to 'joy with many':


My fingers symbolise the amount of days I'll try to fulfil my new year's resolution.
After the fourth day I'll just do everything I did the year before:

I'm showing a trick I learned, 
the 'pull an endless shiny ribbon out of your head' trick:

The best place to talk and raise a glass - kitchen.
Nothing's new in 2015:

On our way to find a dance-floor,
of course we didn't leave without the sparkle:

2015, bring it on!

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