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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

How to trick people into thinking that Estonia has a lovely climate

New pictures with old news got just processed.
In May we celebrated that Ott got a big bowl with hot water.
So we made a human soup.

Pale white skins see the sun after 9 months of hibernations:

Yoga inspired by Karl Freidrich:

Delicious soup with a little scoop of girls:

"Winter in Italy looks like this.":

Too hot...
must drink...

Next day it snowed again.


Kriss said...

Tohib küsida, millega selle postituse pildid on tehtud? Juba tükk aega heietan ja kaalun analoogkaamera ostu (kaldun Balti jaama turu laialdasele valikule, aga mine sa tea...), nii et luusin ringi ja uurin, millega teised oma ägedaid pilte teevad 😄

Kriss said...
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Wilma Circus said...

Nikon F65 fotikas. Väga meeldib. Aga peamisel sõltub kõik heast filmist, sel postitusel oli portra 800 sees. Isegi ühekordsed kaamerad teevad imepilte vahel.