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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kuru Plirr 2015 - the most professional chill

This weekend was the most professional chill ever,
the Kuru Plirr. 
Big up to the organiser, yet again it felt like visiting a good friend with verrrry good music taste. It was already my 4th Kuru. 
(I'm a Kuru Guru)

This year's motto was:
"Fly high":

Actually I did not have a plan to use my digital camera, since Kuru is an annual good reason to take out your analog one. However the first night I was stupid enough to lose my film roll. So mad, still hurts (eeeeverybody hurts soooometiiiimes).
Therefore the first night has only these three, yet amazing pictures.

"What's above there?"

The mandatory field picture:

My boyfriend Fred seems like a calm gentleman, 
though he is a rad Bad Ass:

The next day when I woke up, these two ladies just came to sleep. 
Early morning/late night, there's no absolute truth. 
This time they did not have any boys along, 
but they found the most protecting beast there was:

Waiting for some breakfast crumbs to fall down:

Those bubbles were the closest thing to soap we saw during the weekend.

Massive incoming:

This summer's ready-to-wear, ready-to-dance:

The spaceship:

Have you ever had that feeling, when massive beats enter your body 
and your body starts to do weird things, yet it feels absolutely divine?:

"Guys, give me two minutes":

She blows hard:

The spermatozoon with his buddies:

The first one is on a trolley bus and keeps on holding on.
The second one talks with the mothership.
The third one has left the planet:

 they need some:

The board meeting:

More fun than should be allowed:

Sunglasses made us more pretty:

Some were having early breakfast,
others had late night dance.
Still no ultimate truth:

Two girls,
two cups:

Wild beasts:

Wellington squat:

"Should we go home?
Nah, one little booty shake before we go-go.":

Such. Much. Good. Time.:

Analog camera pictures in the next chapter:

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