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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I raspberry. I strawberry. I blueberry.

I have twelve people on my 'Golden girls and gentlemen' list, but only three of them live in Estonia. Today I want to bitch about it. I want to laugh at them, when they fall down the stairs or fart loudly on the bus. I want to be there. Yet I have to hear later on Skype: "You should have been there!". Or even worse, I do not even hear about these silly situations. One of my bestie just got engaged, OH DEAR, I would so want to grab a 3am vodka shot with her, but I can't...
I have these two lovely people, whose address I abuse for my emotional shopping at & Other Stories(since I live in Eastern Europe and nothing delivers). Actually, dear postman, next time leave my parcel behind and deliver them instead. 
Such a girl! Two of my besties just came to Estonia and we did a wild catching up next to Protest (love). This weekend we have Kuru, stars and drugs. So everything is good *I have something in my eye, okou*.
I so so so so so miss my friends.

I'm running to you, guys!

I have Ella and her Tinder stories here for two weeks .
She is s fucking good friend:

Yet then she went to Pärnu and I went all alone in the woods,
must eat blueberries for survival:

Nature, yo:

At least I have Fred,
he has a PhD in solving my emotional crap:

Although, all is good. Sometimes I böö:

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