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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Krossa fest 2015

11th time now Raimond has celebrated his birthday with a week long festival at Hiiumaa. When last year we accidentally dropped by, then this year we were lucky to stay longer. I've heard legends about the festival, starting with Eastern European girls making out (still can be found on youtube) and  ending with more fun than should be allowed. Can't deny that this time it was more mellow, however we did arrive at the end of the week, so several litres of Torni Vodka had already been consumed. 
Special thanks to Selver autolahvka.

Gentlemen protecting their towers:

DIY Uno cards.
If there's "Yellow" written on it, then it's "Yellow". No questions asked:

Meat and grill paradise, 
vegetarians look the other way:

If at winter time this much light means 3PM, 
then this picture is taken after midnight.
Summer is amazing:

Golden boys:

 Walking was overrated the day after:

The birthday boy wore a clear message:

Meet Sven.
He is an Australian terrier and he is the reason why I ask Fred every other minute 
"Could we get a dog, please?":

Krossa starfish:

If this is not "lebos" then I don't know what is:

Sven is a Jesus and can walk on water,
he is just THAT cool:

Showing girls some awesome moves:

"Excuse me, Madame. Have you seen a squirrel running by?"

Bad to the bone biker with a straw hat:

It's difficult to ignore Sven:

Also dawg Albert needed some attention:

Different techniques of chillaxing:  

Krossa has a guest book full of gold:

Haven't checked my phone for two days.
Mom, don't worry, I'm more than fine:

Paula went travelling and stayed for a year and a half, 
however came back with a great catch named Andy.
Raimond is evaluating the catch:

On the last night Mihkel rocked his socks off:

Estonian summer .
No tan, no proof:

"Hey, babe. Have you seen my dawg":

The ferry queue was usually long. We left the car owners behind and cycled onboard.
Bye, bye Hiiumaa:

Mom, I'm ok.
Put the kettle on, I'll be home in three hours:

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