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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Nevermind that some kids, who weren't even born the year I started university, graduated before I did. Well, don't rain on my parade, because I HAVE A BACHELOR DEGREE! Last Monday I arrived to Tallinn and stepped straight into my graduation party. Let me just say that the proximity between the harbour and university main building is perfect: I had just enough time to change clothes in the toilet, glamorous. 
Jesssss, mi is smard:

The whole achievement was almost a secret or at least low key. Not a lot of people knew about it, however as I was walking down the stairs with my diploma, a special someone with flowers and hugs was waiting. She is an unicorn among donkeys.
*wipes a happy tear*:


I'm a big girl, but drinking lemonade with my daddy on a sunny day is the best:

BA in history + Swedish language and culture
(don't roll your eyes, I love both of the subjects dearly, but no one believes me)

On that day I felt really pretty,
the 12h beauty sleep on the ferry truly paid off:

Closed my eyes, because my future is so bright:

Later in the evening my 'kära och nära' people paid a visit. As I sit alone in my Stockholm apartment while writing this, my heart melts away when thinking back to that evening. Best cocktail = Estonian summer + closest friends, just shake it a bit, drink it up and do
ossi kükk:

From left to right:
 1. The girl who is truly my best friend *sings Golden Girls theme*
2. The baby daddy
3. Brother form another mother, keeps rules away but wisdom in. 
4. The guy you call 3AM when in trouble, although probably you are sitting together in the same police car so there is no need to call.
5. Brother from the same mother, the bloody smart/almost doctor who makes you work harder (basically looks like me only with facial hair):

It felt like my birthday with flowers and gifts, THANK YOU!
Btw I got a new lens for my camera, so upgrade in life aaand in pictures:

I am an independent woman, however I have this awesome balancing force named Fred besides me.
Our collection of graduation pictures is growing and growing (left our high school bye bye and on right his bachelor). Love you!


E said...

Palju õnne!!

Wilma Circus said...

Aitäh! Kuule, sa oled ikka kõige ägedam lugeja, aastaid oled juba mu sõber.

E said...

On jah kuidagi nii läinud, et elan kaasa ja naudin pilte ja mõttes kiidan, et küll on hea, et sul on oskus enda ümber häid inimesi koondada ja neid hinnata ka :')