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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Moving day

Yes, we finally moved away from the land of Far-Far Away. Goodbye hippie commune and hello normal cute apartment.

Last Slavic squat before we left our last house. 
We packed our rented car according to the textbook "Ignore all safety procedures and fit as much as possible in that small car":

The weather is nice and days are long,
but Sancho still prefers the indoors:

Having first guests over at our apartment,
we didn't have any dishes so, as you see, we drank cocktails from the measuring cups.

Two brothers framing two pair of dynamic duos:

Time after time I need Estonians to take a vodka shot with:

Kick ass crew:

Moving has made me so much happier, 
even though the future is unsure and I am a bit sicky right now. 

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