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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Voldemar 27

Well, long time ago (Eesti krooni ajal, noh) I really really wanted to be an actor. I mean from 5th grade on I was sure I'm going to Lavakas and my relatives were prepared to have a starving artist in the family. The time came and I even got to Lavaka second round, but was rejected. Funny thing was that I wasn't that sad, I mean I was in love and just graduated from high school...life was good. I made new plans and goals, it has gone really nicely.
However years later my friends got in, which made me root for them. I used loved being on stage, now I am professional audience material. Finally the 4 year bootcamp is over and my friends are all grown up. Lavakas 27 graduated! Hõissa!

I'm like a proud mama (I did cry a little at the ceremony):

Toomklubi nunnad,
we are tight, those two are the tightest:

"Be strong and conquer the Estonian theatres,
so I could come to your Tähelaev to talk about your embarrassing stories on TV."

This lamp you can't buy at IKEA:

The kickass family 
(I'm proud that some K's course-mates thought I was his sister, 
so for a second I also belonged to the family):

K told me before Lavakas that "Please hit me if I start talking some artsy gibberish while looking at the clouds...or when I find a girl there." Ok, I didn't hit him of course, because Viking Loto jackpot!

The Sopranos.
The families unite:

Bloody hell, I even put really high heels on for this event
and I still only reach his bellybutton: 

The bootcamp is over,
back to the daylight:

Some flowers were given,
some hugs were received:

The teacher and the student:

So much happiness was around us, that even Chinese tourists stopped to take pictures:

"Remember that night in Tartu...":


That girl is golden and deserves kisses
 (Also she is my personal hairdresser and no one has never made me feel so beautiful. Thank you E!)



*I was a bit starstruck to say the least*


Keep on keeping on/ Läbi sita tähtede poole.

While living abroad I have come to realise how kick ass Estonian theatre really is. I mean truly madly deeply, wow! I miss it so so so much. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
And of course I miss my friends, to the moon and back.

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