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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Back in Stockholm. One side is crying and the other is smiling.

I usually don't write long texts, but when I do...TL;DR.

The vacation is suddenly over, I HAD THE BEST VACATION EVER!
I took the ferry back to Stockholm (haven't I suffered enough??! I hate boats). Luckily Fred came with me to help me move, although sadly he went back the same evening, what a wonderful Stockholm cruise I must say. Of course I cried at the harbour like a little girl, he walking away was shit fuck horrible. Holding the tears back makes it always worse and those red eyes on my way back home on the metro weren't fooling anyone. I can be independent woman while loving someone from the bottom of my heart, bääh.

I have such bipolar feelings towards being back here. As the weather is surprisingly nice, I quickly took a stroll around the town. I love Stockholm! I do-I do-I do!  Never gets boring, always something to do, keeps on delivering. However my new room is completely empty, it is just cardboard boxes, air-mattress and I (as of now, I have a new friend Internet Connection). Does not feel home at all, I seriously must buy some furniture. Today was the first day back at work, which felt super nice. Everyone hugging me and welcoming back, one girl even said that she seriously missed me. YEAH! I have friends *cries a little*. Actually tomorrow my dear friend from Germany is coming for a visit, a cure to take my mind off of things (and help to carry all the furniture I am going to buy muhahahhahahaaa!). Also I booked tickets to London. Life is not bad after all. Why can't I stop crying?! Is there something in my eye? I need a vodka shot.


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