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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Back in Lago and Arrivederci Italy! (4/4)

I cannot even describe how amazing trip it was, money well spent. Italy just took my heart and ran away with that piece of shit *checks the Italian language courses as she is writing this*. I understood even more how much I love Erik and Laura, why we no live in the same country?!? Don't get me even started with Fred...I LOVE YOU MORE THAN GELATO! 

So it is quite appropriate to end the Italy chapters on my last day of vacation. As I am on my way to Stockholm covered with winter garments it is so bloody nice to look back on the bikini weather and lack of clothes. The last chapter of Italy is named "And then there was three" because Fred left us a bit earlier and continued his holiday in Helsinki airport. Erik, Laura and I went back to Como to do some gym, tan and laundry.

The future is so bright it burns our eyes:

Two whales on the streets of Saronno:

The best twist of Italy:

"A minute on your lips
lifetime on your hips...aaaaah fuck it":

Embrace yourselves – an accident on a mountainous road means hours of complete standstill.
Luckily the car near us listened Linkin Park feat. Jay Z and in the end it doesn't even matter:

We arrived back to Como, where Fred and I began our Italy trip.
Such much wow place, must show Erik & Laura:

I know size does not matter, however we were spoiled with big balconies
and our new apartment had a teeny-weeny one:

The Pope says: "Oki-doki":


The girls being all pretty 
(Laura has her chastity belt key with):

Mr.Torbik on vacation:

Then the Mister took the ladies to a Fish restaurant.
Where do the fish live? *points to the Como lake*:

3 litres of vino later...:

Walking home 50 meters was drunk while being tough *hic*.

The next day the girlfriends went to a SPA:




The moment before I read on wikipedia how deep is lake Como.
A girl who cannot swim, shouldn't be that happy:

Ciao amico!:

*insert words here, I'm breathless*

Sadly it was time to fly over the Alps, back home again:

The story of the North Pole:

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