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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome to the East side, we have cookies

Aye, I feel so much better now. I think buying a bed 
really improved my quality of life here in Sweden. 
Anyhow, I have some unfinished business to take care of, thus it is time for last bits of my vacation. Besides Italy and two big birthday parties I chilled with gööörlfriends and family. Sometimes I just ate crisps under the blanket completely alone. No shame there!

My friend Marta is bombass.
Her favourite colours are light and dark black:

Being a tourist at my home:

Can't swear that much here, 
people understand all the naughty stuff that Swedes don't:

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are having a dinner
and talking about how dicks their boyfriends are:

Saddest puppy eyes...cannot resist...force too strong...:

"Noku nullib kõik":

I have a secret that I just want to scream out loud on the tallest rooftop
but I caaaaan't:

*between these two pictures I was in Italy*

Straight from the airport to Kopli, to my Golden Girls.
The Japanese tourist, the French girl and Miss Myfriends Areidiots:

Feeling like we are on the bus 32:

They are going to kill me,
but bloody hell how amazing we are:

My cucumber drink brings all the girls to the yard:

Pants are rippin',
the girls are trippin':

*It might have happened that I arrived home completely drunk and Fred had some hilarious conversation with me at 3am*

The next day the boyfriend took her hangover girlfriend to restaurant Controvento.
My pulse returned after a good meal and sexy company:

Visit Estonia.
No seriously, just do it:

A meet-up with my Parisian married woman,
we were mean lean gossip machines (no shame):

This fall fashion trend,
Girlfriend Backpack 3000:

Hüvä vänälinnassa:

Half the face all numb and no control over my tongue after a dentist appointment =
perfect time to test this new fancy restaurant out:

I think it was good however I didn't feel my tongue and all the information went lost:

Trying to find an apartment to buy:

My friend sucks hard:

*then I escaped to the countryside*

Dad being all lazy
(actually Crocs Fall 2016 ad campaign):

Pärnu late nights:

Pärnu daytime:

Fred and Tibi:

Can't speak, must pick mushrooms:

My last day of summer well spent:

The perfect combo of friends, family and alone-time.

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