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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Being absolutely fabulous in London

There's two big  in my life: Õnne 13 and Absolutely Fabulous. After seeing the latter movie in the cinema (OMG! What if they would make an Õnne 13 movie!) I just had to buy the tickets to London. 
My dear Patsy lives there, a strong independent woman with an edgy fashion taste, who happens to smoke a lot. I actually lived in England for a year a long long time ago(when Boiler Room was just a small thing you streamed every Tuesday) and now I started to miss the big city life. 

Look at the Mommy's Snowflake together with badass background:

The best product placement for Phonica Records:

I do not like changes, I live by the traditions.
While in London, Dishoom is a must:

Keep the liquid lunch coming:

Throwback to 2014.
Dishoom keeps on delivering:

The moment when lil bro prefers Facebook and Grindr to sweet old sister:

The moment when he thinks that surrogacy = 
taking woman A's menstruation blood + mixing it with man B sperm + putting it into woman C's uterus.

это жизнь:

"Fuck EU, love USA":

Route Fulham Brodway with mah bro:

Normal people were working on Friday, thus I had some time alone.
Perfect time to be an embarrassing tourist:

Ben being all Big:

Throwback to year 2010,
nineteen year old Fred and I drinking from a plastic bag across the Palace of Westminster.
Keep it classy:

After Patsy came home from work we opened bottles of corner-shop piss 
and trash-talked all the boys on this planet:

The girl who lives in Sweden and has a lack of access to alcohol 
pani londi likku:

Kät came over from Paris,
so Eddie, Patsy and Bubbles were united:

Throwback to 2014.
More issues than Vogue - The Powerpuff Girls:

After long Friday night
Saturdays needs to start with mimosa:

Sunglasses = best cure for puffy red eyes:


I cut my hair off and feels so good (although you don't even see it, but I lost like 3kg):

"So Ramadanman and Pearson Sound are the same guy?":

High as a kite:

Patsy is always in my heart!

Sovetskoje always in our mouth:

Cheers! xx

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