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Monday, May 22, 2017

Looking back to 22th of May in the past

Today 26 years ago I was born on a backseat of a Žiguli car. As I cherish birthdays so highly, here is my 22th of May through time:

We lived in Vardja and my relatives came to visit us. I am sitting on my great-grandmothers (there age 75) lap and was utterly happy that I was allowed to wear red lipstick because it was my 5th birthday. My classy great-grandmother always drew her eyebrows on with a burnt log. Classy times:

The years between are lost in space

Too-cool-for-school teenager with her boyfriend back then. I wore some silly hats at school and I still remember those awkward moments when teachers forced the whole class to sing happy birthday 
and afterwards they were expecting candy, that I did not have. 

My sweet 18! I waited that moment so long. We started the evening drinking at a park and the gentleman by my side ended up at a police station spending the night there. So it qualifies as an legendary night to tell stories about:

I had been dating this guy for two months or so and I had tonnes of butterflies in my stomach: 

We had an exam that day and in the evening I threw a sandwich party at my deskmates apartment.
The time when you spent more money on alcohol than food:

I was living in England back then. 
As there were thousands of kilometres between me and my loved ones, 
I had a quiet day together with Fred: 

As soon as I got back to Estonia me and Reggie threw fabulous birthday party, 
the theme was called "Royal Circus". 
She had a blog Castle of Fashion back then and I was/am Wilma Circus, 
let's just say that we went nicely hand-in-hand:

Fred and I had a long-distant relationship back then and he couldn't fly over to Estonia for my birthday. 
He sent me bunch of flower with a courier, that was my first and seemed so fancy:

I lived in Stockholm and I spent the day together with Ott at an amusement park. 
That year this legendary picture was taken:

Few days later Charlie from Scotland and Wilma from Estonia had a joint party at a student housing. 
We had drama, we had fun, we were up until 7am. Such much good party:

I miss those crazy people!

From this year on the picture quality improved drastically (I stayed the same):

That was an eventful birthday!
 Fred had planned the whole day and we ended up at an adventure park 
and I glided through the forest like Tarzan:

Few days later I had a true Soviet party at my country side.

Also my friends gave me money to attend driving school.
23 and lucky!:

My boobs stopped growing, so I desperately tried to squeeze them together: 

That lucky moment when you have birthday on Friday 
and you can have a celebration at the same day:

A lot of quality boys in my life:

Again I lived in Stockholm and my friends threw me a birthday party, because poor me didn't have a home. 
It really made me happy, since we were having some difficult times. Thank you, Sollentuna family!
At midnight I got to blow the biggest candle in my life:

The next day, Sunday I had a slight hangover, but it was kissed away:

Not much has changed, I am so lucky to have so much love around me.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Shake it, don't brake it,
my mama got 9 months to make it! 

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