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Sunday, May 21, 2017

March and April through analog camera lens.

Let's wrap this spring up, as summer is loudly knocking on the door.
If I would die today then this is how March and April would flash in front of my eyes.

No biggie, me just chilling at Times Square:

Got inspired by 9/11 memorial architecture:

I was so excited about New York so I refused to sleep long, but Fred had other plans.
Flashed my boobs and all, nothing worked:

The city that never sleeps:

I was on a mission to find places suitable for screaming 

In New York, concrete jungle, wet dream, tomato:

Hopefully Gossip Girl sent out a SMS for all the elite socialites
 that I was sitting in Central Park and was looking fabulous:

These two pictures below describe perfectly my life.

1. The sunny awesome feeling that you feel 24 days every month...

2. The cold dark winter, the disgusting emotional roller-coster you feel when on period:

Bye, bye New York!
You were cool:

From fabulous big city life
to a dirty construction site:


Cocktails with my two favourite boys:  

We were getting used to with the fact that taxi rides to our new home were ridiculously cheap.
I was used to giving 13€ not 3€ to the driver, here I am all stunned:

At Easter we finally moved in to our new apartment
and celebration was in order:

It was nice to talk with friends instead of searching youtube "How to renovate you home" videos.
Hommikupoolne vahetus:

Goodbye Lauaviin and hello fancy cocktails!

Õhtune vahetus:

After you have served the cake, you expect everyone to leave:

But luckily good friends don't leave and stay until 4am.
The most interesting conversations happen always in the kitchen:

Spring warmth were are youuuu?

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punapea said...

õhtuse vahetuse pildil on sul suht sama ilme kui särgil ;) also alati v särav naeratus