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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Wilma Circus world tour. Copenhagen - Malmö - Växjö.

Last Friday I left work a bit earlier to catch a flight to Copenhagen, to continue towards Växjö and attend Sladjan's 30th surprise birthday party. Such much excited I was. Little did I know that SAS was planning to make my evening a living hell. At the exact moment, when my boarding pass was scanned, I was asked to step aside as I could not board the plane due to "operational problems". So there I was among those 25 angry passengers who were left behind. 
*insert juicy swear words here*
Quickly emergency plan B was put into action. Tickets were rebooked via Stockholm. Friends called friends who called their friends to find me a place to stay for the night, since my flight was delayed 5h and the last Copenhagen - Växjö train had already left. Very messy situation.
All the shit aside everything work out better than I had thought: I met some amazing new people with golden hearts and found out that there is something bigger than Stockholm Det finns något större än Stockholm:
(SAS, it's still not cool between us, I thought we were friends)

Against all the odds I finally arrived to Malmö, met some amazingly kind people 
and had a well deserved cold beer after all the stressful events:

We were not in a hurry to go home that night (kirstus on aega küll magada):

I am so thankful for the warm welcome and kindness I received at Malmö. 
I would send them million balloons with "Thank you" on them, 
however Malmö is really strict about these things:

Växjö welcomed me with 22°C and with very hot women:

Very pale girls enjoying proper weather after 8 months of winter:

Instead of Sweden I had arrived to resort in Spain it seemed:

The theme of the surprise party was leopard
and we delivered:


First things first.
A unicorn needs some inflation:

After all the preparation, the birthday boy arrived:

So much love in one room:

It was difficult not to smile and glow the whole evening:

Don't do drugs,
just hug:

I sometimes still dream about the food we had that evening:

The cutest leopard cub:

Be a unicorn, not a horse:

Team leopard:

The older you get, the better you get,
unless you are a banana:

Important tasks:

The cake was pure magic:

30 and fabulous:

Twerk! Twerk! Twerk!:

Just chilling:

Växjö had night busses!?! 
This place got better and better with every minute:

Jag har en gäri i Växjö och hon är kriminell:

Cissi's home was not basic:

Then it was time to leave again:

This time I had a planned stop at Malmö:

Met my underbara Farah!:

Fell completely in love with Malmö,
would definitely move there:

Look at this bloody tourist,
now she is in Copenhagen:

Well, hello sailor!

Thank you all for having me! Thank you kind strangers! 
Happy birthday Sladjan, you are golden! Friendship is everything! 
Fuck SAS!

Sums up my trip very well:

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