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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Chloé & Wilma

With graduation my having-designer-bags-under-my-eyes days came to an end. To celebrate this excessive weight falling off from my shoulders, my friends gave me money to buy return tickets to Tokyo. My polite self should say: "They shouldn't have" – but hell with that! I LOVE GIFTS! That is why I found it weird that Fred had not given me anything for my graduation (noup, his damaged brain cells and selfless love during my studies was not enough). Always when I doubt in him, it comes and bites me in the ass, because he gave me authentic Chloé bag! *flat line*

I have dreamt about this day since I was 15. My bag is perfect, my husband is perfect and I only poop rainbows.

Here I am in 2006, the 15 year old me looking at Net-a-Porter and hoping to own a Chloé item. 
During these thirteen years awful lot has changed – foremost my taste in men, clothes and alcohol,
but Chloé has stayed with me. True love!

Hello, perfection:

I continue to live my champagne lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

Some might say that when you're labelled, you're disabled,
but I would even tattoo Chloé on my buttcheeks: 

What's on the menu today? Hot and spicy bag that costs more than your rent:

Fred, you are surely winning the "Husband of the year" award this year.
Birthday photoshoot, graduation Chloé bag...I'm so getting dirty socks for Christmas.

Yes, I love clothes and bags and shoes. Yes, it would be much better to love socially more acceptable and useful things, but my happiness is worth something as well.

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