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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Memmede suvetuur 2019. Again in Mustvee.

We have an annual tradition (we have done it twice now, okay) where we wave our boyfriends and babies goodbye and take our female selves to Mustvee. Why Mustvee? But why not?! It's the hidden gem of "Relax to the max" towns.

This time was extra special, since G had her first night away from her newborn baby aka the adorable new reason to be awake during early hours. So we made it count!

New car, old friends and adventurous Google maps:

Yes, this tractor is our trademark (last year, same pink):

My friend Pärna drove by this tractor once and was wondering why it looked so familiar?
That's because Memmede Suvetuur made it famous!:

Why we are badass? Because we can bleed a week straight without dying.

MENstruation, MENtal breakdown.
It all starts with men:

The moment I made a comment about Fred's penis:

33°C and butt crack full of sweat:

My milkshake brings all the cows the yard:

"Let's take a look at the city skanks, MOO":

That moment when you are suspicious...

...but you still want to put it in your mouth:

Hello, modelling agency.
Here is my selfie that got 0 likes, please hire me:

Looking closely if boyfriend vacuumed like she asked him to do:

Unemployed, barren and nightmare labor –
and more emotional baggage than should be allowed makes friendship tighter:


Downfall is always easier than climbing up the stairs:

Cancel all our responsibilities,
because we have arrived to Mustvee:

There are no wounds Säästukaart can't fix:

Konsum has been upgraded to COOP,
oh the changes!:

Three girls with different flavour add up a delicious dish:

"OH DŽEISUS! Let the saw be easy on the boyfriends.":

Hands up, if you want to try catheter out,
so you don't even have to stand up to pee:

The pretty Instagram content:

The flabby reality:

Kalameestemaja eleganza extravaganza:

The dinner is served:

The drinks were warm yet glamorous:

Cheers for the hottest day during this summer:

Non-alcoholic rebels:

T-Lo has payed attention while looking at the Tyra's model show:

We support from each side:

Yes, gingers have more fun!

Sometimes two glasses are not enough:

Four ladies and a boat:

One can endlessly watch at burning wood, flowing water and working humans:

The boat crew tries to find their own champagne:

PMS = Prepare to Meet Satan:

Yes, I just had to put 100 picture of us in the water,
since we all wanted to see the saga of fishermen:

Kalameestemaja 10 out of 10 points:

When you have stayed up past AK time:

Shrek found his Fiona:

And they had cute green baby:

Our pores and conscience are clean:

The night was sweaty, but this bad boy gave us some breeze:

A little Nussica before we go-go:

Laena lõikelauda, Vanemuine (yes, all our boyfriends got a chopping board as a souvenir):

Lake Peipus and four ladies:

Next year is already marked in the calendars.
Memmede suvetuur 2020, bring it on!

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