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Monday, July 15, 2019

Woke up at 2AM to celebrate Midsummer at Kakerdaja bog

Two years in a row I have conducted witty videos during Midsummer (here & here) and had one drink too many or had a hangover too big. This year I was more boring than should be allowed: slept in a hammock three day is a row and woke up at 2AM to drive with Fred and Erik to Kakerdaja bog. It was something completely out of ordinary, but so worth it.

Looking back to the days when sea was vodka and I was a duck
and I tried to drink my way up:

Hammock, strawberries and Michelle Obama's book –
the art of doing nothing during Midsummer's weekend:

On Midsummer's day I paused my busy-busy schedule
and woke up at 2am to take my sleepy ass to Kakerdaja bog.


It is my favourite time of the year when it does not get dark at all.
The shortest night needed some proper celebration, so it was worth waking up crazy early:

Hot tea with milk tasted way better than usual:

Luxurious breakfast at 4am:

Those two boys have supported many of my crazy ideas.
Thank you for always being there for me when I can't afford therapist:

Wild kakerdaja suddenly appeared:

Erik Šarik is looking back to days when he had testicles and tonnes of bitches:

Sunrise shenanigans:

Sending our love to the whole Estonian population 
who was entering their blackout drunk or horrifying hangover stage at the very moment:

Dog dislikes water. We put him into lake. He hates it. He wants to go back to the shelter.
Best dog owner of 2019:

Sleepy people, happy people...:

...horny people?

One morning bloody well spent:

Now nights get darker and winter is coming...

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