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Monday, August 31, 2020

Wilma Circus in August 2020

So far August has been the most impactful and eventful month in 2020 
(I challenge you September, October, November & December). Three weeks of vacation mixed with quitting my job and personal struggles + one week of anxiety of the new mixed with indescribable peace.
Bitch so deep!

1st of August
My nondrinker self had few glasses of wine to celebrate Karl becoming 30 the day before,
so I slept the whole day on the couch:

2nd of August
This rich white girl took her boat out on a spin.
STOP BEING POOR and move to Tartu:

3rd of August
Officially my summer vacation started and my burnt-out self
had only sauna and bare feet in mind:

4th of August
Rainy day gave good excuse to be lazy.
Picked myself some breakfast and cuddled with Šarik the whole day:

5th of August
Back in the city, first time in Kaja pizza and good news from the doctor.
It was a good day:

6th of August
Yes, this is me, basically naked, with Karjase sai.
Unless you got buns, hun?

7th of August
Through fashion I communicate my mood, my self image and hide my big fat ass: 

8th of August
The second day of the wedding.
Porkuni lake was our bath and morning dew was our shower:

9th of August
The third day of the wedding.
I took, not one, but two power naps after I arrived at home:

10th of August
The day that I said to Karl "Kaur" and to Kaur "Karl":

11th of August
After 7 month hiatus I went to the airport and sat on a plane.
Such much rebel. Such much masks. 
Bali Kuressaare here we come!:

Sometimes when life throws shit at me,
I take my husband to spa with pool and massage treatment:

12th of August
Princess found her castle and enjoyed island life:

13th of August
After spa treatment life in Tallinn felt so dull and unfair.
I felt shorter and my socks felt smaller:

14th of August
Life in Käsmu is life done well:

Käsmu bliss + Game of Thrones second book + bed facing the sea = vacation mode 500:

15th of August
Haven't been to a grocery store for weeks, because ripe garden fills my tummy well:

16th of August
So busy doing nothing that I did not have time for anything else:

17th of August
Monday done right:

18th of August
Girl was happy to put her ass against that wallpaper once again:

19th of August
My "Three S" beauty secret is sleep, summer and sun:

20th of August
Felt like an interior design element and tried to find my place:

Too blessed to be stressed

21st of August
Girl stayed for seven years and it's time for her last day:

22nd of August

23rd of August
Last day of summer. Last day of vacation. Winter is coming:

24th of August
First day at new work and I shat my pants.
Luckily my badass mom gave me bag full of chanterelle and that made everything better:

25th of August
Business at the top and boobs on my socks:

26th of August
Panic. Calm. Panic. Repeat.
The sign on the wall is my mantra:

27th of August
The amount of news on that day was TOO DAMN HIGH.
You can take girl out of H&M group, but you cannot take H&M group out of girl:

28th of August
Not just first workweek after vacation, but first workweek at a new place.
Just wanted to curl up in my blanket:

29th of August
Šarik moved back to Tallinn and other expected one moved in.

30th of August

31st of August
My home is a not mess,
everything is out for your viewing pleasure:

Bye-bye August, was interesting.

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