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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday special

England on Friday is a real delight. I have found more excuses to take my camera and go outside. Alas I am still waiting for the magical internet to arrive at my home and it is the most critical point in my life when I need to trip around the world with my computer Teacup. First of all I need to check who has replied to my job requests and another secret mission that I have is on UCAS. I explain that closer futher on. Better days are just around the corner.

Too much everything is bad, but too much Union Jack is just right, they say. Teaboxes, pillows and even underwear covered with UJ.

Rochester High Street is ready for Christmas:

I need wheels. I miss wheels. I miss my bycycle Loviise (yes, I name everything that I have):

The Deaf Cat is the place where we enjoy free WIFI and chocolate cake. The coffee shop is a part of an art gallery and one can buy lovely piece of art with a cup of tea. I would never settle with my Mister crowing moustache but I could buy one bling for him if one day he wants to become a hipster:

Something for me:

Long time I have had the plan to make these bow ties for myself. It can not be that hard and maybe later I could sell them with silly price. Potenical business plan:

Went out for hunting coat hangers. We do have extra forks and knives at home. Another business plan. Soon we will be rich:

I have a lot of watering cans at my cottage back in Estonia, but thy are priceless:

Keep calm and cruise with your trolley:

I am such a vintage victim. The real joy is to get lost into your grandmothers closet. If you do not have that opportunity then get lost into these lovely shops:

The Red Riding Hood after she kicked the wolf and said „You'd wish“:

I am truly sorry, I cheated fashion with fashion:

Please, kiss my buttons.

All you need is a little bit of charisma:

Back home I have 54 purses that I have bought with low prices. I took only five of them with me and it has been a true torture. Two of them are already broken. This was not the greatest bag but it was the only one that I could afford:

One day I will go back for that:

It is a pity that my feet are really big and these boots can only fit my toes:

My shiny Rochester:

We also have the sun and the moon and the heaven filled with stars. No biggie:

You and your The Times must be my lucky star, because you shine on me wherever you are:

Last but not least I have to share with you the good news: I have subscribed Vogue and it is truly cheap here. I rather buy Vogue instead of dinner. It just feds me more. (Ian send me Mood, please.):

Prince William and Kate announced their engagement, so in April or in May there will be royal wedding here. I am thinking on being a volunteer at the Olympic Games on 2012. Lovely.
Wish me luck.


Ian said...

MOOD tuleb koos mystery-presentiga

Piret said...

manchester vintage stores are the bees knees

go there and go crazy!

Wilma Circus said...

The Queen Bee must go the bees knees