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Friday, November 12, 2010

We're alive

I have not written a really long time and that is because I have been truly sick. Don't worry I am back on me feet again and starting to feel better. Found a job but said no because of my health and other reasons. Still do not worry. We are happy and it takes so much more to break us down.

We have not done anything special so I give you a little tour around our home.

This is what illness can do with you:

Whatever makes him happy:

Most important thing to notice is: That is NOT a ticket to James Blake:

Dr.Pepper and Ms.Salty are spicing up the place:

On our refrigerator one can find a piece of Gerda, Vilja..:

... Karl, Stockholm (still our favourite place to be)...:

...Gröna Lund and Triin:

We do read. The most important items are Alias and "Look at that f****** hipster":

Our magazine stand: music and fashion:

This is the view from our teeny tiny balcony that really is not a balcony. Or is it? I do not know:

This is the same view when things are getting fast and furious:

The Times and the riot that students caused when protesting against higher university fees:

My rack/closet/fun place to put everything:

Our new bed. Goodbye Dormeo Orthopedic! In our bedroom you can find one Mister who is always there and doing his school work. Yesterday he did it 8 hours:

Because I have been sick and I really need to get back my beauty then no pictures with me on them. This is him and his special corner:

Batman at his Bat-cave. This is where the music happens:

We got a dining table oh joy!

from England with love


Ian said...

strawberry and kiwi is da best

vilja said...

teie kodu võtab juba ilmet! ja teil on toolid ka, mis on jumala jee + ülisuur diivan nagu ma näen :D

Wilma Circus said...

kõik on ideaalne, ainult internet on puudu.