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Sunday, November 28, 2010

London and R&S at XOYO

Like I said I spent my two days in the Royal Capital. The record label R&S lined up its greatest artist like SDC, Pariah and James Blake at XOYO and we were there to taste the sweet tunes. Beside that we enjoyed the life in East-London and starred in Laura's film.

It felt sort of funny to stand in the middle of Picadilly, when someone is shooting you with this machine:

Not a cloud in the sight
and there is Picadilly Circus advertising so bright:

Police closed the Regent street just that we could film there:

Well, this was a low-budget motion picture so Regent and Oxford street were closed because of the shopping night. No cars, just a lot of people with an urge to spend money:

This is Lanvin for H&M. Very big designer in ordinary clothing store. Luxury for masses:

H&M was turned into a club. The music was loud and clothes were gorgeous. Tried to find a hat that could give comfort in this cold weather. I know, I know Tallinn is worse:

East-London Castle , the filming continues. I had to light a cigarette and it was really difficult, because we are not the bestest of friends:

Thanks to Laura there is more pictures of the Dynamic Duo. Even if it doesn't seem like we're tough then know that we have ninja powers (I guess):

Tube is always full of obnoxious couples. Why can't we be among them? We tried:

Seems like we are unlucky charms for her. Hope that this doesn't come between us and we're still going out and conquering London in the future. Few minutes from this she was smiling because the turbo bass woke up the butterflies in her tummy:

The donkey of R&S:

"Please let's do this again in the future":

Pariah is taking over SDC.

SDC was wearing leopard pattern Adidas and otšen bolšoje bling-bling:

Yes, I always catch great minds consuming liquid. The singer of Delphic and James Blake are humans too. Stop what you're doing and look at this:

There's no limit to my love and I love Limit to Your love. Makes sense?

He was so gentle when he fondled his vinyls. If I had him I'd never learn to share. Beautiful mind:

Tough girl from Estonia always holds on to the front row. MADNESS I SAY! Witnessed how one member of the crowd stole a CD from J.B. On that CD was written "Track 6 - Me". Lovely:

The morning after. Still high from James Blake.
This is the family picture. One can't sit still and other one is bringing balance to the force:

We have our own Oyster Cards now. Endless ride with Tube, yes, yes, yes!

This is what he'll be wishing for Christmas:


Streets in London are like walking in a zoo:

Back at home we are. Another purse broke, this time my Chanel. Freezing, legs hurting but still happy about XOYO (much better than Balou).


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