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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy days

Last days we have had such a beautiful weather. Not a cloud in sight and I am so happy and bright. Every day I walk few miles between Gillingham-Chatham-Rochester and just can not stop myself of taking few picture every now and then. Njoy.

These two sunny days are such a miracle. This weather here is a total blow out.
Anti-windbreak umbrella:

McDonald's is the most popular place here:

One month till Christmas and autumn has arrived to England:

I hope their owner is ok with that I took so many picture of his pups.

Of course I could not take only one picture. They had something in them that made me push the button:

That dog thinks that he/she is a horse:

Rochester and its silhouette, a bit different picture than on Balti kilu:

Tap'n'Tin is the most hottest place in this neighbourhood even that statue knows it:

A walk in the park. I miss forest and pine and fir.
The last bug in this garden:

A plant. Not smokeable. Very pictureable:

Eat your berries
seem some fairies:

I found one ninja warrior on a tree:

I like people who smile when it's autumn:

I never drink coffee, maybe three cups a year. Now I have had six cups, no six MUGS of it in last two days. Tooooo much energy. Tooo much coffeeee. Can not use the force:

My new shoes that cost 1.75£. I love when plan comes together:

Sun gets me high!:

Yo, I am here!:

Stop, let's go home. It is tea time:



vilja said...

ma räägin! sa oled sügisesemasse tooni jõudnud! Naljakas natuke, et teil alles sügis algab. Meil ei ole siin ühtegi lehekest enam puu otsas...
Sügis on jee

Wilma Circus said...

sügis läheb sujuvalt üle kevadeks.

talv jääb vahelt ära