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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow (Hey Oh)

London is a total madness, but Rochester is quiet and lovely. Today we woke up and there was white powder everywhere! No, it was not cocaine like it's more common to UK. It was snow and that greatly freaks British people out. Crack is ok, but snow OH NOOO! Weather is all we ever talk about and I have read endless comments about Estonia "I hate that it's so cold and hate the icebergs", but this is rather enjoyable:

The Christmas mystery was solved today. Now I know why Santa's Little Helpers stopped visiting me in Estonia long time ago: they just moved to England! This Christmas period they have located my whereabouts and started bringing me goods again. Today they had taken my enormous shoe and put it on a window sill. They left behind a little Snowman too. HAPPY!:

One minute from now I am going to eat it and hoping that they will come back in the future. I have been a good girl this year: graduated school.

I feel like hundred years old, because I don't really remember when did I last own such a calendar. This is what you get when you spend Christmas alone in a foreign country. Promised myself that I won't eat up all the chocolate on one day. Haaaard, must use the force:


Ian said...

Kristel, kui sa räägid päkapikus kes toob kommi ütled Elf, või Santas Little Helper, mitte Dwarf, Dwarf on see kes pahuralt maa sees kulda kaevab ja joob õlut ja kakleb. Elf on see kes kas a) on tree-hugging hippie või b) toob lastele komme :)

Wilma Circus said...

selles keeles polegi sellist hea sõna, aga aitäh ikkagi.

Saadad mulle varsti Moodi?

Ian said...

Ma arvan et ma toon kaasa, saatmine maksab sitaks, nii umbes 200 krooni

vilja said...

KÕIGIL on sokolaadikalender!

miks mul ei ole? what's wrong with the world?

Aga palju õnne esimese lume puhul!

Wilma Circus said...

need, kes jõuludeks koju saavad ei peagi soksikalendrit omama.

lumi on jee - trains are not moving until further notice