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Thursday, December 22, 2011


For this year the uni is over, never mind the tonnes of homework and studying for exams, which is not going so well taking in consideration that Christmas is coming and I will be soon heading to Stockholm. It's a clear joy to see all my friends that are coming home for Christmas. The other day we welcomed Ott (from Birmingham) at the airport. Sam is also back, but I guess he is somewhere in the forest enjoying nature. Today Reggie is coming from London. Lovely.

Yesterday we went to our old school to see August Hunt to preform. I can't even tell how glad I am that I'm not in secondary school anymore - bad humour and slutty jailbait everywhere. Must say the teachers performance was lolzilla, they did the "Single Ladies" routine. Classic (I do not have any pictures) Afterwards we came home with a bunch of friends:

Salumäe (he won a date with a student at the Christmas party...not very amused):

Mari-Liis came up with this board game where you have to choose between two examples and decide which one you prefer. If it matches with your partner you gain a point. We call it the Hipster game - matching with someone else's opinion is so mainstream.
 ("13 - must sing a song from Ines/Tanel Padar" - see at the end of the post):

We had a bowl full of Russian cuisine - pelmentšik:

A lady with golo-shoes:

My Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Now random pictures.

 Here's a little something with lace that my Mister gave me:

I met my mother and we went to visit the Santa:

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