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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fat lady attack

One week from now my Mister will arrive to Tallinn, that's why I found new energy to compose a post and do all those things I did today. We haven't seen each-other ridiculously long (One month and seven days) time. Tell me again, why did I agree with this long distance relationshit? I have no idea. I'm horny sad, but SOON!

  Mr.Pikud stopped visiting me when I was five...

...but last two years they have found me again!:

Not even going to tell you about how much drama we are having with this party. I didn't even know that historians eat bitch flakes for breakfast: 

Despite the drama we are laughing because stupidity feeds our never ending troll-machine:

Eastern Europe and snow? Not really. Rain? Omg, yes! 
Here's a little fountain on the road:

Well, a bit icy snow here and there:

It makes me so happy that Christmas is coming and all the town has been pimped up!:

Our famous LOCO Christmas tree at the town hall square. Can't stay straight (Hans nor the tree):

Miss home (this question is for oversea people)?:

Out of the blue she started to sing while I was at a bookstore. She is a acquaintance of mine and I still feel if it doesn't work out with boys, she's the girl I'd like to date (not weird at all).
One hot piece of lady :

In the end she said that she is giving out autographs. Me and other five year old children ran to her - as I suck at being a fan, I didn't have her new record, but what I have now is a bloody fab advent calendar with Liis Lemsalu name on it. mega lols:

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Ian said...

LOVE the bitch flakes remark, jsut sayin.