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Friday, December 23, 2011

Club 2011 lõpupidu

Club 2011 lõpupidu with Lil Silva, Dorian Concept and 2562 (!!!) - it was oh-so-good party.
Massive tunes with wicked incomings:

Ready for the floor:

Met up with friends before the event:

We went to Hell Hunt to watch football:

Enjoyed some drinkies:

At the party - maaaad!:

Dance like nobody's watching:


Dorian Concept, he is so good! I'm sad I missed him at KoKo:

Triin is happy:

But not as happy as the biggest fan:

Girls from London:

The beats ate the crowd up:

The only picture of Harri, but he was there:

Reggie met a girl from Amsterdam:

Reggie has a fake "This party is wicked" smile :

Lil Silva:

Happy Paula (from Denmark/ moving now to San Francisco ):

Random pretty girl

Good teeth:

Tantsukingad lõid pilli:

Dance moves:

I had a magic drinky with me:

Dance moves vol.2:

Mari-liiz hugz:

Ott from Birmingham:

2562 - oh my fucking god!:


Kadri  from Hong Kong:

I have very international friends. 
I'm happy.

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