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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mutant Disco

On Friday we went out to celebrate life and to visit Mutant Disco.

Before it all we met the boys and Triin. 
Luckily Harri was artsy enough to get us in to NoKu:

Mutant Disco had a birthday. Helium balloons much?

Jaan Ruus is the real Santa Claus. 
I want to live my life so that there would be a bar called after me:

There was cake and vodka. Rather lovely:

You all know that I DIG BIRTHDAYS!:

"Wanna dance, beautiful?" - "Maybeeeeee":

It was really crowded so the security staff did not let anybody in after 2am. 
No room left:

So we both think we can dance? Just-wave-goodbye move:

Who doesn't like disco lights?! :

Obsessive girlfriend grasp:

Väljasõit Rohelisse and their beauty on drums Marit Ilison:

I think Triin likes VR:

The main artist Maria Minerva (the daughter of Mart Minerva):

Mutant Disco is the only party in Tallinn that needs dressing up:

Random moment is random.
A girl came up to me asking "Are you Kristel?" - "Yes", I said. It turned up we had the mutual interest towards Laura of London. Hereby I like to dedicate this post to LoL (nice abbreviation ). 

Maria Minerva said that her mother forbid her to drink before going on stage. 
She didn't listen to her mother. Wasted Maria is wasted:

Now I'm badly sick. Thankfully my swedish grandfather came by and brought me some joy.

as said, to Laura Hagi with love. 


vilja said...

uuu, ma nii teadsin, et sul rootsist külaline on!

regina said...

Maria Minerva jeees! tahaks ka lives kuulda :)