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Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Queen Bee's New Year

About 7pm we sat on a train to London that marks the beginning of it all. Me and Laura had bought early-bird tickets to Old Blue's NYE party but Piret was without. So we ran from Victoria to Liverpool street. We arrived there just in time for the Russian New Year (madness). After several attempts of finding a hole in the fall; being terribly late; buying Coca Light instead of regular; realizing after standing on the platform for a while that Hammersmith and City line is out of order - after all that, I had a very bad feeling about it all. Estonian New Year we spent underground. We ran, ran, ran. Arriving to Laura's place seemed to be the happiest moment in the evening. Maybe our luck was about to turn. "What starts bad, ends good". Yes? Quick drinks and off we went. We ran, ran, ran. Pariah went on 11pm (Happy New Year! Gott nytt år, Sverige!) and to miss that would have been silly. On the way we enjoyed Laura's surprise: original Sovetskoje Igriskoje! When I saw it I started crying. MINU KODUMAA! Then we arrived to NYE disco. Pariah was on. After him Girl Unit. Vau-vau-viii-vau - I must say. Actually I missed New Year and everything that comes with it, fireworks and shit. Even when my blood circulation was running on pure alcohol I was so sad that my Mister was so far away with my New Years kiss. I couldn't bear to see everyone licking each other so I stayed in and danced the pain away. Afterwards I had the opportunity to talk with Pariah and say "Good job!". Everything from R&S is pure gold and I listen it with my hEARt. Actually I said something like this to him: "We (me and Laura) represent the Pariah Fan Club in Sweden. You are good, but you will never beat Abba" and Laura added "When I heard you preform for the first time I came twice". Of course he thought that we were just those too-much-too-high girls. Actually it felt like I was six again and somehow I met Spice Girls. Pariah played Pearson Sounds. Uuuuush! Like you understand I talk about Laura and me all the time. Where was Piret??? We truly didn't know, but I have to say I think I fell in love with her. WHAT A GIRL! So much to say. My memory has failed me. I do know that my Mister was really worried (puss och kram). 8pm I manage to arrive at home (alone! great success) . All pictures are in another camera and we don't have USB cable, so the saga continues.
Kaur, Kaur tule koju.

Even in the middle of London I had not lost my ability to open Sovetskoje with grace, bang and no spilling :

My New Years resolution is to have more fun!:

Me and the famous photographer (USB come to mama) a.k.a. Edie and Andy:

More fun than should be allowed:

See, I am HOPELESS with names, faces and people. Boy X:

"You know there's a car that runs on water. ON WATER, man!" and everybody came to see the person who was talking about it:

The Powerpuff Girls:

Yes, this is backstage:

Still. Happy 2010!:

Never ending nights and miserable mornings. LOVE


Piret said...

pilte ei ole aga MA OLIN SEAL

jah jah

kuskil, ma ei tea kus

vilja said...

mul on tunne, et kõigi aastavahetused on alati hägused :D

i'm a celebrity said...

i love this so much