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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Do you have that special someone? A person who will be your bridesmaid if you finally manage to get married. A person who is first in line to know when something big, small, interesting, not that interesting, sad or happy happens in your life. A person with who you share the same heartbeat. A person who understands the quality of "Absolutely fabulous" and "Golden Girls".
I do have that special someone. I had not seen him for ages. He was the one at airport who sent me away with tears.
He is tall. He is skinny. His favourite women are Patsy, Meryl Streep, Anne Veski and Kristel:

Years ago one silly decision was made - this handsome gentleman moved to Tartu and became a chemist. Celebrate good times, come on!:

A ja tebjaa ljuubljuu:


Look at us! Remember us! We are the next big thing in theatre world:

If you care about your looks then, please, do not drink:

Like you see, newly wed pictures are SO this week:

"What the shit!"

Me and my colleagues. SHIT FUCK!:

Money can buy you happiness:

Even in Estonia I must eat beats (I MISS LONDON!):

On Tuesday this loveable boy is moving to London:

Never-ending nights and miserable mornings. Welcome to Tärtü.

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