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Sunday, January 09, 2011

He is back

Yesterday was really truly #no words given#. Ian, Piret and I were waiting Mia and Silver to arrive at Rochester. Everything was ordinary and we were just wasting time before going out to one Indie party. I got a call from Kaur and he said "Please go outside. There is a parcel waiting for you". I went. I screamed. I cried. It was him! One week earlier! He changed his tickets! I did not know. What?! Happy! So yesterday there were six people here. Piret, Kaur and I slept together, haahaa. No room left. Still happy!

I apologise, Piret, but this was a sweet picture.
Before going out:

Ready. Steady. GO!:

I am always running to a disco:

Proof A: He is really back. Made out in a car park:

When others were sleeping...:


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