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Saturday, January 29, 2011


I hate that my home is known best
for one shipwreck,
not as famous as Titanic,
But still quite tragic.
My home is not a sinking boat.
We have our problems but we'll cope.
Don't ask me please.
"Your home, where it is?"
So I will give you a little tour
not real adventure, but a little drive-through.
My people have self-absorbed and taciturn manners,
but they are excellent party planners.
They are used to with extremes
like temperature minus 25 degrees.
My home is flat,
the highest peak is that old man's hat.
But life is like elsewhere in Europe.
Oh, you got me there, we got no Topshop.
To drive one end to the other it takes one day,
the booze is cheap, hooray, hooray!
We got a president, but no king.
We're called the singing nation, cos we like to sing.
Sometimes we get together at song festivals,
where we can meet all our million pals.
My home is small, but language differs a bit,
Those who live in the south, I don't understand them a shite.
Come and visit us, everybody has free entry
At my home there doesn't fly fairies and elves.
Those who don't believe , has to come to see themselves.

Yes, I am in Estonia. Viive 46!

First and last decent picture:

Stare him down:

"Tule TAEVAS appi":

Let's have a little drinky before we go-go:

There is always someone who is drinking in the corner:

Levikas a.k.a. Kosmos:

Even photoshop can not do miracles:

Sakker, matter fakker, piinat batter:

Hands up who is meaning to visit their granny tomorrow:

Newly wed:



IMMA chill:

Torres is lovely. Liverpool is SUPERB! Chelsea = wankers:


Happy B-day LAURA! I salute you.

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