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Monday, August 15, 2011

When you're labeled, you're disabled

Every time I visit Müürivahe I start fooling around.
These shoes are three sizes smaller, no pain no fame:

Missoni doesn't feel any different than ordinary dress, just saying:

This summer must-have: find a roadkill and put it on your shoulders:

Walk in closet, nice one:

Serious boodonkadonk:

You're-going-to-England-and-you're-not-taking-me-with-you? face:

My friend asked me why I love Chloé and other labeled stuff. Actually I don't know, I just like beautiful stuff . CHOKO TSANELL!

Mamuška hat is always right:

I adore when you can see the back:

A ja lujubljuu tebja:

The heels were too high to jump on the table, needed some help. When you're labeled, you're disabled:



hing jääb kinni. you sexy russian beast.

Ian said...

whenever you come here, we have a photoshoot! faboulous gay friend with faboulous momma!

Piret said...

Kahjuks see kõik on nii fab lihtsalt, et ma ei häälda välja isegi.

Muidu oleks kommenteerinud orsomething...

Wilma Circus said...

Girls from London approve, jei.